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This set of four engravings by Francesco Bartolozzi are based on Holbein's portraits of the Ladies of the Court of Henry the VIII and are part of a larger set on the subject of Illustrious Persons at the time of the king. Bartolozzi himself was born in 1725 over 200 years after the German born Holbein. He was trained in engraving by Joseph Wagner but was destined to display his work in England. There, he was appointed engraver to the king and subsequently became Court Academician. Holbein also, through his association with Erasmus was introduced to Sir Thomas More and this led to his pilgramage to England. Bartolozzi's imitation of the drawings of some eminent artists are faithful to the spirit of the originals and would have helped bring the works of Holbein-one of the greatest portraitist in the world-to a wider public.