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It is said that Lord Burlington discovered a young chimney-sweep in Whitehall sketching the elevation of the banquet house. So impressed was he with the boy's natural talent that he gave Ware an education and sent him to Italy to study architecture. Thus began the fruitful career of Isaac Ware.
Once established in London, he soon left the employ of others and began independent architectural work. He designed such buildings as Westbourne House (later to become the home of Samuel Pepys), D'Israili's house in Bloomsbury Square and Frognal Hall. He collaborated with other architects and executed drawings of their designs, such as Kent's designs for the Horse Guards buildings, and Ripley's Houghton in Norfolk, which was built for Sir Robert Walpole. The drawings for Houghton House were first published in 1735. They depict Thomas Ripley's designs for the structure of the house, and include some beautifully detailed drawings of William Kent's designs for fireplaces and ceilings.