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In Arcus Constantine. Old arches - Veteres Arcus. Augustorum Triumphis Insignes. Printed in rome in 1690, these prints depict reliefs from the arch of Constantine, the triumphal arch erected around 315 ce to commemorate the triumph of Cconstantine after his victory over Maxentius in the batttle of Milvian Bridge in 312 ce. The arch is in the valley of the Colosseum, and is one of only three such arches to survive in Rome today. Pietro Santi Bartoli was born in Perugio about the year 1635 and was sometimes referred to as Il Perugino. He first practiced as a painter and studied under Le Maire and Poussin. Later in life he abandoned painting in favour of engraving, an art form in which he proceeded to distinguish himself. His plates are numerous; they are chiefly etched and his point is described as being free and masterly. Pietro Santi died in 1700 in Rome.