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'By exploiting the rhythms found in architecture and industrial design, objects that in everyday experience become disguised by their familiarity might become subjects for reflection. Passages of the paintings tend to echo the kind of abstraction that represents Modernist values in which the painting's autonomy is the principle subject. Other passages, in sharp contrast, display an almost photographic realism where the subject is no longer purely an internal dialogue, but refers to things outside of the painting's autonomy. I interpret this relationship as a kind of flux. To me, this flux has come to represent two modes of thought: calculative and meditative. In architecture, the parallel dialogue could be described as being that which exists between idealism and pragmatism.'

Tim Studied Fine Art (Painting) at Wimbledon School of Art. He held a solo exhibition at the POSK Gallery in King Street, London, and has shown work in many London group exhibitions, including The Candid Gallery, Pitshanger Manor Gallery, Thomas Kettle Gallery, and The Mall Galleries. He was commended for the Bayer Art Award in 1996.
Tim Beckenham
ARC Modern